Our Founder, Tasha Hew

"Lets' face it, we are tired of dry skin and we deserve to use products that are effective!"

Native from Connecticut, model, social worker, and CEO of YesThatsHerCrafts. Tasha Hew's career has taken her from working the fast-paced scene of New York Fashion Week, television features on WFSB - Better Connecticut, to fashion shoots with Reebok and CVS.

Throughout her professional career, long hours in the mental health field and juggling between photoshoots, her search for skincare products, that address the needs of her skin became very difficult....until she discovered raw, organic, natural Shea Butter. By curating a special blend of natural properties she became inspired to help others heal their skin as well!  


Our Story

For years I struggled with finding natural products that worked for my skin! Men and women with beautiful rich melanin skin like me are constantly searching for solutions for their unique skin complexities. I created this collection with you in mind, because your skin deserves to be pampered by products that actually work. This collection was birthed from my own struggles and personal experiences, I have a deep desire to provide a highly effective and affordable body butter collection combined with ingredients from natural sources. Lets' face it, we are tired of dry skin and we deserve to use products that are effective!

It’s time for you to unlock your best skin with YesThatsHerCrafts! 

        Frequently Asked Questions

Each body butter product targets the issues we face every day - dry, dehydrated, eczema-prone skin. Our whipped body butter is organic, made with all natural ingredients that will leave your skin glowing, feeling rejuvenated, healthy and nourished!